Fahrenheit Consulting Group

Client Testimonials


We were recently conducting due diligence on a potential investment and engaged Fahrenheit to evaluate the attractiveness of the target company’s markets as well as the target’s positioning in those markets. Fahrenheit conducted extensive research and a substantial number of interviews across the target’s four distinct end markets, generating insights that advanced our understanding of the potential investment and increased our confidence in closing the deal.

Rob Codol

Managing Director, PNC Mezzanine Capital


On multiple occasions, we have used Fahrenheit to resolve major strategic issues facing our portfolio companies. Each time, their team delivered fresh market-based insights to the team. Our senior management valued the facts and insights brought to the table by Fahrenheit and ultimately relied on their findings and recommendations to make the right decisions on critical problems facing our companies.

Javier Del Castillo

Vice President Corporate Development, Tomkins


Fahrenheit recently interviewed 50 potential customers to validate market demand and help define market priorities for the new product we are developing. They leveraged their network to collect valuable insights from our primary targets. This ensured objectivity and saved the leadership team from needing to ask personal contacts for another favor. We just raised a 2nd round of investor money and Fahrenheit’s findings were an integral part of our investor pitch.

SVP Sales & Marketing

Technology Start-Up


“Our team wanted to achieve a step change in our growth rate and we knew that getting an accurate read on customer perceptions would be key to our success. Fahrenheit’s on-site interviews helped us reconnect with some of our customers and also uncovered substantial new sales opportunities. However, rather than simply telling us the answer, they had our team interpret customer feedback for ourselves. This step was transformative and it aligned everyone with our new go-to-market strategy. As a result, we have restructured our client facing teams and are starting to move the needle on new sales”.

Dan Haas

Senior Vice President Americas, Elemica