Fahrenheit Consulting Group is committed to helping clients achieve growth, organically and inorganically, by delivering market-based intelligence that will:

Build – a larger share of wallet with existing customers and new customer acquisition

Inform - key Investment decisions to accelerate growth in existing markets and to gain access to new markets

Enable – a successful mergers and acquisitions growth strategy with market driven due diligence

Align – firm-wide goals/strategic priorities with the highest value market opportunities

The benefits of working with Fahrenheit:

Senior advisor experience – our consultants have significant industry and growth strategy experience and an external market perspective

Outside in voice of the market – a fresh set of unbiased customer and competitor insights to confirm or alter what your team thinks

Customized approach – deliver key market insights that inform time critical business decisions faced by your business

Collaborative style – management team consensus regarding key market insights, growth opportunities and execution plans

Client Testimonials:

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