CASE STUDY: Manufacturing Client Grows through Forward Integration JV

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CASE STUDY: Technology Services Client Identifies Growth Opportunities with Existing Customers

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CASE STUDY: Manufacturer Evaluates Customer Demand in Alternative Energy to determine Capital Investment

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CASE STUDY: Energy Services Provider EvaluatesKey Market Opportunities in Co-Generation

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CASE STUDY: Market Due Diligence for Private Equity Firm Investment

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Client Testimonials:

“Our team wanted to achieve a step change in our growth rate and we knew that getting an accurate read on customer perceptions would be key to our success. Fahrenheit’s on-site interviews helped us reconnect with some of our customers and also uncovered substantial new sales opportunities. However, rather than simply telling us the answer, they had our team interpret customer feedback for ourselves. This step was transformative and it aligned everyone with our new go-to-market strategy. As a result, we have restructured our client facing teams and are starting to move the needle on new sales”. - Dan Haas – Senior Vice President Americas, Elemica
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